Artificial Intelligence

Bringing machine learning and deep learning to the edge.

With machine learning at the edge, our devices–from smart thermostats to autonomous cars–rely on patterns and inference to learn, adapt and make decisions in real time without the latency and bandwidth challenges introduced by the cloud. NXP offers a comprehensive portfolio of MCUs and processors optimized for machine learning applications in automotive, smart industrial and IoT industries. Our software development tools enable machine learning, including toolkits for deep learning to achieve higher accuracy for safety-critical automotive applications.

Embedding Intelligence at the Edge

The potential for edge nodes to become “thinkers” makes for an explosion of smarter consumer, industrial and automotive applications. With toolkits for ML and DL, NXP solutions enable machines to learn and reason more like humans.

experience Machine Learning Learns and improves with Artificial Intelligence Human-like learning and reasoning Neural network based detection and classification Deep Learning
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