Voice Control

From homes to retail to commercial environments,
NXP is enabling ubiquitous voice control

Voice control is becoming increasingly popular with both manufacturers and consumers. NXP has developed a range of solutions for adding voice control directly into any product. From flexible implementations to completely turnkey solutions, NXP offers scalable options from high performance microprocessors to cost-effective microcontrollers.

Why NXP for voice control?

NXP solutions are offering more accessibility to affordable technology with MCU-optimized, out-of-box acoustics, audio, and voice components featuring seamless connectivity and superior security options.

  • Fast time to market
    Fast time to market
  • Cost-effective and efficient
    Cost-effective and efficient
  • Best-in-class integrated security options
    Best-in-class integrated security options
  • Scalable and flexible MCU/MPU options
    Scalable and flexible MCU/MPU options
  • Last assistant features and capabilities
    Assistant features and capabilities

Enable voice in any device using Amazon Alexa

NXP expedites the process of building voice-enabled products by utilizing the Alexa platform to offer a simplified development process.

Add local voice control in any device

NXP enables the addition of low latency offline local voice control for hands free operation without the cost, complexity and privacy concerns of cloud based services.

Voice control market applications


Smart Home

  • Home security
  • Faucet / Shower
  • Fans
  • Thermostat

Smart Appliances

  • Washer / Dryer
  • Room air-conditioner
  • Oven / cooktop
  • Microwave
Smart Retail


  • Lock / Access control
  • Beacons
  • Kiosk / Vending machine
  • Lighting automation


  • Object detection
  • Safety monitoring
  • Machine monitoring
  • Process monitoring

Typical far field voice input system



Low-cost MEMS Microphone Array (one or more).


Audio Processing

Digital signal processing to enhance wake word and commands recognition, locally and in cloud.


Wake Word Engine

Machine Learning inference model to recognize the required wake word.


Cloud Processing

Natural language commands are interpreted and understood, then produce an appropriate response.

Audio Processing Features

  • Audio streamer sends a few seconds of audio to the cloud for processing.
  • Barge-in allows microphones to hear voice commands while music is played back.
  • Beamforming combines multiple microphone signals to improve the quality of voice recognition.
  • Echo canceler removes echo from the audio to improve voice recognition.
  • Noise reduction removes background noise to further improve voice recognition.
  • Playback processing optimizes loudspeakers for best possible sound.
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