The Hub of Daily Digital Life

Intuitive and secure mobile, wearable and PC solutions.

Secure elements and end-to-end services.

NXP propels today’s on-the-go lifestyle with intelligent mobile solutions that safely connect consumers and their technology to the world around them.

  • Flexible and broad industrial portfolio
    Secure elements and end-to-end services
  • Custom high-performance interfaces
    Custom high-performance interfaces
  • Smart voice, audio, and haptic solutions
    Smart voice, audio and haptic solutions
  • Efficient charging solutions
    Efficient charging solutions

Wearables That Revolutionize Our Daily Lives

Thanks to secure mobile payments, advanced audio solutions and tailored MCUs, wearables naturally blend into our lives.

  • NFC+eSE mobile wallet solutions
  • Highly integrated Arm? based MPUs and MCUs
  • MiGLO? NFMI radios for wireless audio
Wearables that change the way we go through our daily lives


NXP’s anti-counterfeiting technology, among others products, supports charging cables, power adapters and wireless charging pads for mobile phones to help OEMs protect their brand and provide safety to their customers by making trusted accessories.

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