We Are NXP

Committed to our people, our communities and our world.

How We're Helping

NXP is speeding up the development and delivery of components for healthcare and medical devices, donating PPE and other necessities, and helping schools keep students engaged and informed.

  • Enabling

    NXP products enable critical infrastructure, including life-saving technologies.

  • Supporting

    We support significant medical device demand through our supply chain.

  • Provisioning

    NXP provisions sensors to produce respirators, along with MCUs for hospital equipment.

  • Expediting

    We’re expediting supply requests from medical equipment companies around the world.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to people didn’t start with this crisis, and it won’t end after it. The safety and security of our employees, suppliers, customers and our communities is, and will always be, our top priority. We are working from home, staying safe and doing all that we can to support our families and neighbors. We want to thank the NXP team worldwide for all they’re doing during these trying times.

Thank you for continuing to embody the innovative spirit of NXP as you work to solve problems and advance society, even in this unprecedented era.

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