Our Company

Together, we’re not just advancing technology, we’re advancing society

NXP is in the business of better. We build solutions – not just products – that enhance the capabilities of people, organizations, and the world at large.

  • We anticipate the needs of an on-demand world.
    Anticipate the needs of an on-demand world
  • We expand new possibilities for technology producers.
    Expand possibilities for technology producers
  • Unparalleled portfolio of purpose-built solutions.
    Unparalleled portfolio of purpose-built solutions
  • Strive to improve the world around us
    Strive to improve the world around us

NXP is uniquely positioned across all the required building blocks, and together with our partners we are realizing our vision of secure connections for a smarter world.

Kurt Sievers, NXP Semiconductors President (NXP Connects Santa Clara, June 12, 2019)
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